This specification provides engineering information and electrical specifications for the CT-O13S-1 protection circuit of Li-ion cells.
The CT-O13S-1 provides 10-cell Li-ion battery safety protection.

Product Description

Basic Function

Supports 5~13 Series Li-ion and Li-polymer Battery Cells.
Multi-channel ADC for current, voltage and temperature easurement
Built-in 2-level protections
Embedded 64X16Bits EEPROM for programmable protec-tion thresholds and variable threshold detection / release delay time.
Supports Internal/External Bleeding for Cell balance.
Supports Hardware Mode (without Microprocessor) or Software Mode (with Microprocessor).
Embedded voltage based capacity (gas) gauge (V-GG) function.
Supports separate charge and discharge protection loop.
Integrated 2.5V, 3.3V and 12V voltage regulators.
Integrated MOSFET driver.
Supports PWM discharge (for power tools application).
Supports I2C serial Interface.
Supports battery authentication for better security.
Low power consumption.