Quality System

Quality System

  • TCT (Temperature Cycle Test)
  • TST(Thermal Shock Test)
  • THST (Temperature Humidity Storage Test)
  • Temperature Characteristics Test
  • Vibration Test
  • ESD Test
  • EMC Test Chamber


  • Quality performance review.
  • Periodically suppliers audit.
  • IQC performance ranking.
  • Change control on 5M.
  • Measurement control & Calibration.
  • Audit.
  • CAR
  • Traciability

ESD Measures

-Floor is ESD tiles in production

-Tables are covered with ESD mat and grounded.

-Operators are grounded with wrist straps and checked daily

-Chairs are linked with chains to ESD floor


From the lot number, we can trace the date of IQC, production and OQC and all the production information. The information is contained in the inspection summary report.

ISO Certificate