Company Profile

Taiwan’s Leading BMS Supplier

CHINATECH Corporation is the leading BMS(Battery Management System) supplier in Taiwan. During the past decades, CHINATECH has dedicated substantial resources to the design and development of BMSs as well as PMM( power management module ) solutions for Lithium Batteries. Since 1999, CHINATECH has become the largest BMS manufacturer in Taiwan.

Corporate Values

Quality        always offer the best quality products.

Service        always provide the best service to customers.

Efficiency   always strive to ensure best operational processes

Historic Milestones

  • 1982   Established headquarters in Taipei. Represent Test & Measurement instrumentations for ATE in Taiwan and China.
  • 1999   Established Chinatech Hong Kong Limited on Aug. and Set up office in Shenzhen on Oct.
  • 2000   Became No. 1 manufacturer in Taiwan of Protection Circuit Modules for Lithium batteries.
  • 2003   Established Chinatech office & factory in Shanghai.

  • 2004   Won battery pack project of a renowned mobile phone brand and shipped more than 10KK BMS modules for single project.
  • 2006   Won Battery Management Module business from one major brand of the GPS product and shipped 8KK units.
  • 2007   Won a project for USB DC/DC charger and ship more than 1KK units.
  • 2008   Won the net-book BMS project (OLPC & eeePC) and shipped more than 600 K units.
  • 2009   Won E-Book battery pack BMM (Battery Management Module) design and shipped 3 KK units.
    Won smart phone battery BMS design and shipped 6 M units.